menstrual cup

Ziggy Cup: The last word in period products

A menstrual cup could be the solution to all your period problems. I decided to purchase a Ziggy Cup by Intimina to not only bring myself some peace of mind but to play my part towards protecting the planet. Many women experience dryness and irritation when it comes to using regular pads and tampons, Ziggy Cup eliminates these problems. Some women have also left reviews noting that the cup helped ease their cramps and other symptoms of their periods, making this cup even more beneficial. When worn, the cup cannot be felt at all, and according to Intimina, it is the only reusable cup that can be used during sex – providing all the perks of a cup plus mess-free period intercourse. Intimina has a whole range of menstrual cups perfect for every person who has a period, including the Lily Cup, the Lily Cup One and the Lily Cup Compact.