-Paulina Utnik-

-Paulina Utnik-

Loyalty programs may seem like a twisted marketing strategy to encourage purchase, but they actually have the power of saving some serious money. If one of your 2019 goals is to meet your monthly budget, this article will provide you with the top 10 memberships that are worth signing up

Your Student ID

We obviously need to mention the best and most effective card of all, your university ID! And you don’t even need to fill out an application, presenting it in stores and restaurants automatically warrants a student discount. Here is a list of some places that accepts a student card:

• Topshop

• New Look

• Pull&Bear

• Hollister

• Urban Outfitters

• Forever 21

• Chiquito

• Zizzi

• Byron Burger

Boots and Superdrug Cards

Chance is that during your time at university you will take advantage of the 3 for 2 deals or a quick study lunch in the form of a meal deal at Boots. With a Boots Advantage Card, every £1 you spend will gain you four points. You can ask for one in store and get money off future purchases. If you prefer Superdrug, their Health and Beauty Card works the same way. Only you earn one point for every £1 you spend.

Tesco Clubcard

With a Tesco Clubcard, every purchase gains you points. Once you collect 150 points, Tesco will send you a voucher which you can either spend in-store or at a partner store such as Pizza Hut. You can sign up online and receive your card within a week.

Nectar Card

While Nectar Cards are primarily associated with Sainsbury’s, you can also collect points for it in shops such as Apple, Argos and Topshop. Redeem your points online to gain vouchers or exchange them for discounts at your favourite restaurants.

Costa Coffee Club Card

Before going to class, any student loves getting a cup of coffee from the small Costa store at the entrance of the EDHY building. With a Costa Coffee Club card, you will gain 100 points just for registering. Whether in the form of a physical card or on the Costa app, scanning the barcode with your purchase gains you five points for every £1 you spend.

Nando’s Card

By now, everyone knows about the Nando’s Card. But let me refresh your memory, for every £7 or more spent in a single transaction you gain a chili, after three you get a free appetiser or ¼ chicken, six warrants a ½ chicken or any single meal and after collecting ten chillies you get a whole chicken or single combo meal for free! With a set-up like this, you don’t have to feel guilty for that cheeky meal out.

Starbucks App

A classic study destination can be none other than Starbucks. By simply downloading the Starbucks app and paying through it you earn stars for every beverage you buy, regardless of its cost. Once you collect 15 stars, you receive a free drink of your choice with no extra charges, so go crazy with those extra espresso shots!

Ikea’s Family Card

Everyone loves Ikea, and once you get the Ikea Family Card, you will love it even more. During the weekdays, it treats you to a free tea or coffee and further discounts on food. It also provides you with free insurance that will cover any damage that occurs while assembling a product.

Tortilla Loyalty Card

If you love Mexican food, then the Tortilla loyalty card is for you. Every time you buy a main meal worth over £5, you collect one point. Five points will earn you a bag of free tortilla chips and with ten points you can redeem a burrito of your choice.

Unidays App

Last but not least, we couldn’t not mention the Unidays app. Just download and register with your student email and unlock all sorts of discounts which can be redeemed in-store and online. These include discounts and limited offers on food as well as fashion and beauty items.