-Benedetta Doro-

-Benedetta Doro-

  • The Notebook.

Synopsis: Based on Nicholas Spark’s bestselling romance, the film follows Noah and Allie’s story, two young lovers from different social backgrounds in 1940s North Carolina.

Author’s note: This is the perfect movie for a romantic night, it will definitely melt your heart and it will make you fall even more in love with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

  • When Harry met Sally.

Synopsis: Harry and Sally have met while driving together to New York after graduating from the University of Chicago. They meet again years later. Despite the fact that they both have partners now, that encounter might end up being the beginning of a new special relationship.

Author’s note: This is, probably, my all time favourite romantic film. No matter how many times I’ve watched it I never get tired of this movie, it’s funny and moving at the same time. Meg Ryan’s performance is brilliant and so is her chemistry with Billy Crystal.

  • Endless Love

Synopsis: Jade and David meet at a party after their graduation. Jade is trying to build new friendships after her brother’s death, and David has been in love with her ever since high school. However, Jade’s father does not approve their relationship.

Author’s note: ‘Endless Love’ is the classic cheesy love story, but what else do you want to watch on Valentine’s day?

  • Love, Rosie

Synopsis: Alex and Rosie have been best friends since they were kids, but could that friendship turn into something more? Apparently, it’s not that straightforward as they both struggle when it comes to make the right decisions in life.

Author’s note: Arguably even better than the book, Love, Rosie is effortlessly funny, heart-warming and wholesome at the same time.

  • Valentine’s Day

Synopsis: Set in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day, the film explores many love stories of couples with different backgrounds and ages.

Author’s note: There’s nothing that screams “a Valentine’s Day movie” more than “Valentine’s Day”. With many well-known actors starring in it, like Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts and many more, this film is definitely worth watching it.

  • One Day

Synopsis: Emma and Dexter spent the night of their university graduation together, but the day after they took different paths. However, they promise each other that they will meet every year on the same day.

Author’s note: A unique story, with a great acting from Ann Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, which gives justice to David Nicholls’s novel. I suggest to keep a packet of Kleenexes next to you for this one!

  • Legally Blonde

Synopsis: After breaking up with her boyfriend, Elle Woods, the rich and popular sorority girl, decides to apply to Harvard to win him back. She will prove that she is more than just her looks.

Author’s note: If you are tired of the usual cliché rom-coms then I would recommend this one. Yes, it’s still a rom-com with lots of pink in it, yet Reese Witherspoon transforms it into so much more. Legally blonde comedically shows what women are capable of, and that they should never be underestimated in a refreshing way.

  • Alex Strangelove

Synopsis: Alex Truelove is a high school senior who’s planning to lose his virginity with his girlfriend Claire. However, things get more complicated when Alex meets Elliot.

Author’s note: This is a fairly new Netflix production. Intriguing, touching and funny Alex Strangelove explores different aspects of love in our times.  

  • La La Land

Synopsis: Mia is an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, while Sebastian is a jazz musician. Their relationship will face many challenges as they’re both trying to pursue their dream.

Author’s note: If you’re into musicals (or just enjoy catchy tunes), then La La Land is the perfect choice. The soundtrack is amazing and so is Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s acting. The film portrays gripping dilemmas and career struggles that stay true to real life.