SU candidate
-Cecile Bussy-

-Cecile Bussy-

You’ve seen them in the corridors. They’ve been chasing you for more than a week. They tried to sell you their ideas, to make you laugh and even to trade one lunch for one vote. We get it, the Student Union elections make you want to spend less time on campus.

A few hours before the deadline, the option of not voting at all is the most appealing.

At Carrot Magazine, we do encourage you to vote because it is a chance to be heard, as a student and as an individual living in a community. 

So we decided to make your life easier and save you time from reading each manifesto. Here is your chance to learn more about the five candidates running for SU President:

Kate Antoni

Nazia Bharde

Tuna Kunt

Mauro César Oliveira

“What I’m trying to do is to guarantee that I’m trying to guarantee a short-term network of internships by bringing a network of companies. I’ve already started doing the work, I’ve already contacted companies such as KPMG, Aviva, the deans of the university, and the mayor of London. This is a feasible project and something that we can do. All we have to do is implement quotas per course, and we can give this students 1-3 months internships.

I’m someone energetic and I have the will do it. I just want the best for all of you. Please vote guys!”

Kristina Perelygina

Deadline is 14:00. Enjoy your right to vote here.