How are sustainability, body positivity and independent designers changing today's fashion playing field?

Ramsha Vistro

How are sustainability, body positivity and independent designers changing today’s playing field? 

Fashion is ever-evolving. It’s a form of expression. A way of telling someone who you are. But the change in current trends has been both drastic and erratic, and it all comes down to perception.

How we see things will always have an impact on our lives, and with the emergence of sustainability, body positivity and independent designers, it comes as no surprise that it’s affecting the world of fashion too.

Sustainability and body positivity

With sustainability on everyone’s mind, there has been a rise in people opting for pre-loved pieces. Vintage fashion used to be seen as treasure hunting for something unique but now, it’s classed as adopting sustainability. So, as older pieces make their way back into the playing field, current fashion trends are bound to change. 

But going green isn’t the only reason for the shift.

Body positivity is another big influence. More and more people have begun embracing and celebrating their bodies – as they should – leading to numerous fashion brands initiating ‘plus-size’ campaigns to promote different body types.

The battle for the costumers

About a decade ago, high street brands and high-end labels ruled the fashion industry; but not anymore. Thanks to social media, independent designers have slowly but surely made their way in – establishing fashion people actually want to buy. Their fresh perspectives have really made an impact on how people see fashion.

As well as changing the fashion industry, social media has shifted people’s buying habits. Using Instagram as a way to get to know their followers, influencers hold a huge bearing on where the public source, and how they style, their pieces.  

Fashion is constantly re-inventing itself. But recent times have seen bigger changes; now it places worth on inclusion and subculture representation.

If you walk down Oxford street today, you’ll see everything from streetwear to vintage clothing. Is that such a bad thing?

Ramsha Vistro
MA Magazine Journalism