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SEE: A Futuristic Game of Thrones2 min read

Apple TV+ brings us a chilling dystopian future in its new series entitled SEE.

Rating: 3.5/5


In an era where Netflix is dominating the streaming service world, HBO’S Game of Thrones is over. While Amazon does it’s own thing, two new contenders are competing for the streaming throne: Disney+ and Apple TV+.

Apple TV+, released on 1 November, is already skyrocketing amongst users. Thanks to the release of its new original series SEE; their own version of Netflix’s Birdbox.

The plot

The premise of Peaky Blinders writer Steven Knight’s new series is designed to captivate the viewer. Hundreds of years in the future, life has been medieval ever since a 21st-century virus killed all of humanity. Except for a couple million humans. But these survivors and their descendants were left blind. In a humble mountain community hemmed in by trees, two children are born with very special powers.

Known for his role of Aquaman, the main star of the show is Jason Momoa. This time, he portrays the fearsome warrior chief of fictional village Alkeny, Baba Voss.

The Alkeny are going to need all the help they can get, as they’re about to be forced out of their alpine hideout and into the wider world where strangers’ first instinct is to hack at your throat and steal your womenfolk.

My thoughts

From we’ve seen so far, SEE is a saga about fragile bonds and instinctive violence in a place where civilisation is behind our current reality. Viewers can choose whether to question whether a blind person would really behave this way, or they can just get into it. Making the series both epic and hilarious.

It’s also better not to find out before watching how this world communicates, prays, dispenses justice, or travels. Be warned: not seeing or being seen has destroyed humanity’s ability to tastefully display affection towards partners.

Prepare to shed shameful tears at the news that plastic bottles are among the few 21st-century objects still in existence.

What does the future hold?

The series has three episodes so far, but more are on the way. We hope a grander narrative comes from the rare appearances by Sylvia Hoeks as future antagonist Kane; a lethal, sensual, capricious queen, much in the same style as Game of Thrones’ Cersei Lannister.

Her future interactions with Momoa and the rest of the Alkeny clan will undoubtedly determine whether the initially impressive SEE will succeed. Especially now that Netflix’s The Witcher is around the corner.

If you like action, post-apocalyptic worlds, Bird Box parodies, or you just don’t have anything to watch right now, this is definitely one to add to your watch list.

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