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Dining with the elephants at the Rainforest Café2 min read

Eat nachos with the gorillas and vegan burgers with the snakes at the Rainforest Café.

Rating: 3.5/5


On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to the Rainforest Café in Piccadilly Circus.

The experience begins as soon as we walk through the door, into the shop. Amazonian foliage and colourful stuffed animals cover the floor; the atmosphere of the forest is echoed in the caws of birds and patter of rain that plays through the speakers.

Amidst the branded nick-knacks and hanging green vines is a life-sized automated tree, and a lookalike of Pocahontas’ grandmother Willow. Hordes of children pose by it for photographs – the place is packed.

Beside Willow, an employee stands inside a ticket booth taking names and handing out ‘passports’ which are to be taken downstairs to the restaurant.

Walking down the steps, I’m struck by the odd mix of Michael Bublé and gorilla screeches filling the room. The Christmas music is played from the bar, which acts as a waiting area while tables are made available for all ‘passport’ holders.

Before long, my name is called by an employee in an elephant and we are taken to our table. It is right in front of two huge automated elephants, beneath a ceiling of stars and flowering greenery.

Automated elephants decorated the restaurant.

Despite the rush, our orders are taken almost immediately, and the drinks keep coming all night.

The menu has a range of options for both vegetarians and vegans, including nachos, pasta and burgers. Gluten free options are not obvious on the menu. But we had been asked about dietary requirements before sitting down.

I have the vegetarian Rasta Pasta and my boyfriend has a burger. Both are tasty and not bank-busting, with my pasta being around £15.

The burger at the Rainforest Café.
The Rasta Pasta.

Overall, the Rainforest Café offers an amazingly unique and slightly bizarre dining experience. It’s not the most romantic place to eat, but it certainly makes for a fun meal out.

Shannon Clack


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