Christmas comes with high expectations for family fun times, but the reality can sometimes be quite different.

Winter is coming. The show may be finished but the season is upon us. Cold and rainy nights lay both behind us and ahead of us. It makes you wish that the summer could have lasted a little longer.

Being from a city where the lowest temperatures in winter don’t go below 19C, London winters feel freezing even if the temperature rarely drops below zero during the day.

For some, the climate may not matter and for some, it might. Irrespective of whether it does or not this season is often classified as the loneliest of all for a reason. During Christmas, you are away from your routine and there are times when you might want to do a few things but can’t. Your friends might go back home to be with their families, but you don’t for some reason.

Being lonely is difficult, believe me, I know. This is coming from someone who is an introvert. What people do for you matters, being it big or small. The people who love you keep you going in the toughest of times.


Paola Chaaya/Unsplash.

It can be difficult when they are not around you, but don’t let it bring you down. You are in London. A city with a vibrant culture and a great nightlife. Go out, meet new people, have fun. Or if you want to spend your time being more productive, volunteer or find a job. There should be no shortage of opportunities in this city.

But Christmas comes with high expectations of perfect families going on vacations and doing monumental things for their loved ones. At least, that’s how it is in the movies and shows. However, not all of us are able to do that. There might be many reasons for it but there are always other things you could do to have a wonderful Christmas. If you are unable to go home and you are alone in your accommodation then there are meetups, where you can have a good time.

This article might help you more on this:

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Another reason for feeling bad could be that you don’t have your holidays planned out like your friends have. You don’t need to have everything planned out. Things will happen to you that might turn out for the better. So, don’t feel upset about it and keep yourself involved in some activity.

Mental health is very important, and you should take good care of yourselves. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact one of the many helplines available to help you through. Here’s a list of the helplines put together by the NHS.

Also, social media is often disrespectful to common sufferings such as anxiety and loneliness. Don’t let it bring you down and believe that the right things are happening to you.

Yoga Barrathwaj R M
BSc Business Management, Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship