Sody is a 19 year old pop singer from West London with a beautifully gentle yet strong voice.

Sody is a 19-year-old pop singer from West London with a beautifully gentle yet strong voice.

Last week I was given the chance to go and watch the singer Sody open for Aaron Smith in the cosy venue of the Waiting Room in Stoke Newington.

Sody’s most recent release was an EP in January 2020; I’m Sorry, I’m not Sorry, which consists of four songs. According to Spotify, she has over one million monthly listeners.

When performing, she conveys incredible emotion and maturity in her songs, especially in Nothing Ever Changes and Love’s a Waste. Her young age is not apparent in the emotional depth of her songs.

The EP is definitely an emotional collection of songs, discussing themes around heartbreak and love. Whilst exposing her own vulnerability, it also allows listeners some kind of solace and support. The songs, particularly live, are quite stripped back and have a real focus on lyrics, adding to their emotional value.

A personal favourite of mine is What We Had; it really shows off her vocal capacity and angelic voice, and the meaning behind the song definitely hits us all in the feels! Not to mention the intimacy of the venue which added to the emotion of her singing.

During the gig, Sody spoke about her emotional vulnerability with her songs, and how they represent things that are important to her. She also performed the soon to be released song Charlotte, about an ex-friend, which definitely silenced the room – the lyrics were beautiful and many people will probably be able to relate to them.

Overall, the concert was great. It was a relaxed yet very emotionally connected performance and I can’t wait to listen to more music from her.

Yasmin Jafar
BA Journalism