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Review: On the Edge of Change by Jennings Couch2 min read

On the Edge of Change is the highly-anticipated debut EP from London-based singer-songwriter Jennings Couch.

[usr 4.5]

After three years of performing in the UK and internationally, On the Edge of Change exhibits Jennings Couch’s incredible vocal abilities, complementing his captivating lyrics.

Couch’s Instagram bio explains his personal life concisely: “NYC born. London Bred. Hackney based.” In 2017, Couch ventured into live performing. His gigs in the UK proved highly successful, securing him a spot at SXSW in Austin, Texas, followed by a set at the Silk Road Indie Music Festival, where he was awarded Best Song in Show.

On the Edge of Change is an amalgamation of Couch’s perception, knowledge, and understanding of modern society, all woven together to create an abundance of pitch-perfect harmonisations that provide listeners with a vibrant and diverse soundscape.

A vigorous baseline has been meticulously woven into various tracks on the EP, including the lead single You Taste Like Water and new track Mistakes Like You, rivalling the musicality of Imagine Dragons.

Couch isn’t afraid to shy away from controversial global issues. The introduction to March On features a poignant clip of one of Greta Thunberg’s speeches, intertwined with cheering and chanting, which creates a sense of unity and solidarity against the crippling climate crisis.

Tackling the complexity of social media in his song You Taste Like Water, Couch touches on particular behaviours prevalent throughout media platforms, such as cognitive dissonance, which can enhance the paradoxical world we are absorbed into.

Heartbreak is often the driving force in many powerful songs frequenting the charts, allowing listeners to empathise with the musician’s pain. Couch reveals his emotional side in Override, intertwining a central piano hook with electronic elements, portraying his personal experience of erasing an ex-lovers name post-relationship breakdown.

It can be argued that collectively, we are consumed by the monotony of everyday life, searching for an emotional outlet to release tension. Chemical Roulette examines the live-and-let-live philosophy, exploring the issues of gambling, drugs, and the overpowering emotion of escaping reality. 

On the Edge of Change embodies Couch’s perception of society. His dynamic and profound lyrics are complemented by his diverse musical capability, creating a compelling EP.

On the Edge of Change by Jennings Couch is out Friday, May 7.

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