9 Work from home must-haves4 min read

If 2020 could be described using one word, it would surely be unexpected. Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill but we’re all aware that work never truly stops.

From students to professionals, many have had to adjust to working from home, and while the situation is not ideal, it’s necessary.

If you’re feeling demotivated to sit through online classes or if you simply want to improve your workspace, hopefully, this list will inspire you!

1. Laptop Stand

With Zoom meetings and online classes in full-swing, we inevitably spend hours staring at our screens.

A laptop stand not only prevents you from straining your neck and back but is also a chic new addition to your workspace.

2. Planner

It’s easy to lose track of time while working from home and before you know it, you’ve forgotten to cook dinner or finish your laundry!

Stay on top of your tasks by using a planner and organising your time.

3. Plants

Faux or not, plants are always a good idea!

Transform your desk by adding a pop of green to boost your mood and productivity.

An added bonus is that plants always make for aesthetically pleasing work from home Instagram stories.

4. Candles

Who says work has to be stressful? 

Light a scented candle and transform your home into a spa or a tropical getaway!

5. Desk Storage 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when there are a million things on your desk, so it’s necessary to declutter!

These storage boxes are the perfect addition to your workspace for a clean, minimalistic look.

6. Mug Warmer 

If you’re a coffee addict, this is a must!

Never have cold coffee again by adding a mug warmer to your workspace so your coffee is piping hot even when you’re swept up in work.

7. Adjustable Light 

This is perfect for those exhausting all-nighters or if you simply wish to have the optimal lighting for your Zoom meetings and classes!

8. Mini Bulletin Board 

A board can be used for your daily reminders, sticky notes, or pictures of your friends and family if you’re feeling nostalgic about times before Covid-19!

9. Noise-cancelling headphones

From the sound of the bustling city to the chatter of your roommates, drown out all the noise with these headphones.

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