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Enveloped in electro: Dirty Freud’s “Blood Bayou”1 min read

Sheffield based producer Dirty Freud has released his new single “Blood Bayou”, a dark and cinematic electronic experience, ahead of his upcoming EP “Love in the Backwater”.

Rating: 3.5/5

Freud commented that Blood Bayou is: “Talking about how love is never clean and is often messy with casualties. Yet it can be full of interesting things as a Bayou swamp can be.”

The track takes its name from the infamous swamps of Southern America. Much like a swamp, the track is dense in electronically-made beats and notes. The track adds layer upon layer as it trudges on until its climax. Additionally, each layer seems to give the song a more atmospheric nature. The haunting echoic lyricism should also be given credit here as it only serves to add to the cinematic nature of the track.

Freud weaves carefully between the lines of many electronic genres. It ranges from the pounding dubstep drumbeat to the two-step garage tones throughout. Many have coined this eclectic mixture of sounds as “electrodub.”

To me, Blood Bayou seems mostly inspired by The Prodigy. And this, of course, comes as no surprise. Freud has made a name for himself with his sound being sought after by the top musicians. For instance: Leeroy Thornhill of The Prodigy, Scott Garcia, Willy Mason, Big Narstie, Pixie Lott, and even Iggy Pop.

As just a small teaser of what’s to come, it is clear to see that if the whole album follows from this example then we are in for something good.

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