Carrot Magazine

The student magazine for City, University of London.

How to Pitch

If you’re interested in writing an article for Carrot Magazine, follow this simple pitch template.


  • Provisional Headline:

  • Summary/angle (why is it interesting): 

  • Potential interviewees (if necessary):

  • Image ideas (send us pictures or graphic ideas that could work with your piece):

What to write about: Anything that you’re interested in or have opinions on.

Category article types:

Procrastinators: Reviews, Event Coverage (concerts, galleries, museums…), lifestyle & fashion…

CityNews: Anything related to City and CitySport! (society updates, charity events, sports coverage…)

Student Voices: Opinion pieces, so be creative!

Philomaters: News and current affairs or any topic reported on in an objective and journalistic way. 

These are only ideas to encourage you to write for us. Please do send any ideas you have, we work with all sorts of formats including video and audio.

Finally, send your pitches to: